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linux ? why linux?

i can't love u anymore :)
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I have a directory /p/ which contains 17 722 files and I want to show its files in the xterm's screen.

Because of a large amount of files, I expected that my Linux box would show a good performance. And below what I got.

On an Ubuntu 9.04 server, the first use of ls took 4 minutes to list all files. (During the execution of ls, the system wasnot busy (CPU ), and the amount of free RAM was more than 1GB.)

$ time ls /p/
real    4m41.652s
user    0m0.190s
sys     0m1.210s

Here's the second use:

$ time ls /p/
real    0m2.340s
user    0m0.180s
sys     0m0.200s

It seems that something was cached, so the ls ran quickly.

Then I gave a try on a FreeBSD box (/p/ with the same contents). The result was amazing:

$ time ls /p/
real    0m1.128s
user    0m0.224s
sys     0m0.105s

That's the first use of ls. The second one gave a similar result.

Why Linux?


Added by pclouds about 3 years ago

On what filesystem?

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They're ext3 on Linux and ufs on FreeBSD. I used the default setting provided by installers.

The filesystem needs tuning?

Added by bronzeboyvn about 3 years ago

không chỉ với ls, thử với find cũng thế. Mình tìm một số files trong 1 thư mục cố định, lần đầu chạy luôn chậm nhất!

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Ồ, cái này lạ nghe. Phải tìm hiểu thêm thử tại sao! Rất có ích khi phát triển các hệ thống lớn và vấn đề speed up ứng dụng.