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vbox headless

why not?
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After configuring static IP for your VirtualBox guests, you may start them in headless mode (without GUI):

$ VBoxHeadless --startvm <name> &
$ VBoxManage startvm <name> --type headless

You should use & in the first command to bring the task to background. The second method will start your guests in background by default, but it cannot capture the screen output of the guest to a file.

Please note that you should configure static IP for your guests (by configuring in the host per se, or in your DHCP server). Otherwise, you won't be able to access the guests after their booting.

No gui anymore :)


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NOTE1: The OSE edition on latest ArchLinux cannot start any VM in headless mode. Should use Binary Version instead :(

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NOTE2: On ArchLinux 32 bits, you can use the yaourt port virtualbox-bin
NOTE3: But on ArchLinux 64 bits, you must install from an official binary package by VirtualBox. E.g,