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Wrapper for all Linux package managers

pacman is cool :)
Added by icy almost 2 years ago  »  Votes: 2/2

An Arch's pacman-liked package manager for all Linux distributions.

Instead of remembering various options/tools on different OSs, you only need a common way to manipulate packages. Not all options of the native package manager are ported; the tool only provides very basic interface to search, install, remove packages and/or update the system.

Arch's pacman is chosen, as pacman is quite smart when it devides all packages-related operations into three major groups: Synchronize, Query and Remove/Clean up. It has a clean man page, and it is the only tool needed to manipulate official packages on system. (Debian, for example, requires you to use apt-get, dpkg and/or aptitude.)

The tool supports the following types of package manager:

  1. pacman by Arch Linux, ArchBang
  2. dpkg/apt-get by Debian, Ubuntu
  3. yum/rpm by Redhat, CentOS, Fedora Core

This program is written by Anh K. Huynh. The source can be found at