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how firefox kills you

firefox... just stupid
Added by icy about 1 year ago  »  Votes: 2/2

How firefox kills you?

I often work with terminal where I may get some critical data to paste to other application. The tricky thing is to use your mouse to select any text string on my terminal, and use the middle mouse button to paste the text when you are working on another application.

(Un)forntunately, Firefox knows this kind of event, in a stupid way: Firefox will start your search engine to query for any active text in temporary buffer. If you forget that you are storing a password and some private text in the system's buffer, Firefox just brings them to... Google. Completely stupid! Firefox, stops do it!

How to avoid this very bad behavior of Firefox? Forget Firefox or make it slow by installing this extention The Middle Mouse Button . There is another extenion to simply ignore the "Middle click" event, but it seems not to work on the latest version of Firefox. (FIXME!)

Don't let firefox simply kill you in a stupid way!