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digikam: terrible image management

Added by icy about 1 year ago  »  Votes: 2/2

Digikam is very powerful and lovely program to manage and edit your big collection of images.

But it is also too tricky or, at far as I know, too stupid. The problem can be described as below

  1. I put my images in the folder /foobar/
  2. I copy some images from /foobar/ to its sub directory /foobar/spec1/. After copying, I can see, e.g, the image in both directory /foobar/ and /foobar/spec1.
  3. I select on of images copied to edit. For example, I edit the file /foobar/spec1/test1.jpg. The editor is invoked by F4, aka that's the default image editor known by digikam
  4. After editting the image, I choose Save to ensure that my settings are saved to the old image (I don't use Save as new version)
  5. Here's the game: I won't see the image test1.jpg will disappear in the folder /foobar/, though you can still see in in /foobar/spec1. That's really really dangerous /weird. As I intend the image /foobar/spec1/test1.jpg, not the image /foobar/
  6. Though the image can't be seen in digikam, I still see it in /foobar/ by using another image manager or a file manager :)) Another funny problem is that though I use Save image (not Save as new version), there are still two images /foobar/spec1/test1.jpg and /foobar/spec1/test1_v1.jpg

This isn't the first time I encounter this problem. I did remove all digikam database (and also kde's settings) just because I couldn't locate some know images: though the images' files could be seen by any file manager, they were simply ignored by digikam.

So... digikam just sucks and I can't believe in it. It's almost like a beta software.

I am looking around to find another solution for my very big collection of images...