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Problem #469

không thể gửi quá nhiều mail

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Status: Closed Start Date: 08-09-2009
Priority: Urgent Due date: 14-11-2009
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Category: redmine: email system
Target version: 3.0.0
Resolution: Fixed
Votes: 2/2


Không có email thôgn báo khi có chủ đề mới: Miktex không tạo file pdf hoặc dvi được?

Có thể do gmail không chấp nhận gửi cc hoặc bbc list quá dài.

PS: Việc dùng gmail bắt đầu từ thông báo (news) Sử dụng gmail để gửi thông báo

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Updated by over 3 years ago

    Cấu hình đã dùng:

    $ ruby script/plugin install git://
    # file = config/email.yml
      # delivery_method: :async_smtp
      delivery_method: :smtp
        tls: true
        address: "" 
        port: '587'
        domain: "" 
        authentication: :plain
        user_name: "[email protected]" 
        password: "[email protected]" 

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    • Status changed from Assigned to Closed
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    • Resolution set to Fixed

    do gmail có nhiều hạn chế khi gửi qua giao thức smtp, tạm thời đổi qua gmx (chưa thấy có hạn chế gì). Notes:

    1. trong phần thiết lập chỉnh emission email là viettug{at}gmx{dot}com.
    2. cấu hình email.yml với async_smtp như ở #502 và bật hỗ trợ tls cho smtp
    3. nhớ khởi động lại server

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    • Status changed from Closed to Assigned
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    • Resolution deleted (Fixed)

    không phát sinh sự kiện khi có blog mới: (blog) TeXLive 2009 dã phát hành! :(

    Kết luận: gmx cũng không cho gửi quá nhiều email cùng một lần. sh!t

    Updated by anhhk over 3 years ago

      Anh K. Huynh asked:

      Hello Administrators,

      Today I've just found and I have created an account : viettug{at}gmx{dot}com. GMX sounds very interesting and I love it. Some GMX features are unique: webdav, file sharing.

      I am maintaining the Vietnamese TeX User Group and I'd like that I can use my GMX account to send broadcast messages to my registered users (at I've tested to send such message to about 500 users at the same time, but it seems that no one receives the message. (use BBC to hide users from each other.)

      I searched but didn't find any page about GMX limitation.

      So how long the CC list when sending mail with GMX? Can I send broadcast messages to my users using my SMTP account at GMX?

      Thank you very much for GMX, and for the replies.


      Anh K. Huynh Vietnamese TeX Users Group

      Miguel replied:

      Hi Anh,

      I guess you should forget about using GMX, it is good for small, private use only. SMTP server is limited to 11 recipients per hour.

      Using webmail interface we were told there is no limit, don't know. CC: and BCC lines are limited to characters (guess below 255), rest is truncated without warning - so you would have to count. Webmail will send html message body only.

      To read GMX about that you'd better write to , they are not very often here in the forums...

      Regards, Miguel

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      quay lại site5 :D

      Updated by over 3 years ago

        gửi với được, nhưng thư rơi vào... thùng rác :(

        Updated by anhhk over 3 years ago

          should use ar_mailer

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          • Due date set to 14-11-2009
          • Priority changed from High to Urgent

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          • Subject changed from notification với gmail không làm việc to không thể gửi quá nhiều mail

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          • Target version changed from 2.0.0 to 3.0.0

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          • Status changed from Assigned to Closed
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          • Resolution set to Fixed
          1. Khả năng sẽ thay đổi khi chuyển server
          2. Chuyển quan sử dụng feed burner
          3. Thời gian gần đây không thấy báo lỗi quá nhiều mail được gửi :D

          Updated by over 2 years ago

            z wrote:

            Some gmail rules:

            Gmail imposes a limit on the attachment size (20 MB) and the overall storage space (6 GB and growing) but there’s also a daily quote on sending email. Break the rules and Google will disable you Gmail account temporarily without any warnings.

            So while sending an email message to a large group of friends using Gmail, read the following rules to avoid temporary shut-down of Gmail:

            Rule 1. If you access Gmail via POP or IMAP clients (like Microsoft Outlook), you can send an email message to a maximum of 100 people at a time. Cross the limit and your account will be disabled for a day with the error "550 5.4.5 Daily sending quota exceeded."

            Rule 2. If you access Gmail from the browser, you may not address an email message to more than 500 people at a time. Try adding any more recipients in the To, CC or BCC field and your Gmail account will get probably disabled for 24-72 hours. Error: "Gmail Lockdown in Secton 4"

            Rule 3. Always double check email addresses of recipients before hitting the Send button in Gmail. That’s because your account will get disabled if the email message contains a large number of non-existent or broken addresses (<25 ?) that bounce back on failed delivery.

            Rule 4: This is slightly unrelated but still important – Google will disable your Gmail account permanently if you don’t check your Gmail email for a period of nine months. All the stored messages will be deleted and you Gmail address (user name) may be released for others to grab it.

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              Number of messages sent per day by GMAIL account: