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Hiệu ứng trong trình diễn PDF và powerdot

Xem thêm trong tài liệu tham khảo về PDF

/Split Two lines sweep across the screen to reveal the new page similar to opening a curtain.
/Blinds Similar to /Split, but with several lines resembling “Venetian blinds”
/Box A box enlarges from the center of the old page to reveal the new one.
/Wipe A single line “wipes” across the old page to reveal the new one.
/Dissolve The old page “dissolves” to reveal the new one.
/Glitter Similar to /Dissolve, except the effect sweeps from one edge to another.
/R (Replace) The old page is simply replaced with the new one without any special effect. This is the default.

Các tham số bổ sung

/D Duration of the transition et in seconds (applies to all effects)
/Di (Direction) Direction of the movement (multiples of 90^o^ only). Values increase in a counterclockwise fashion, 0 points to the right (for /Wipe and /Glitter).
/Dm (Dimension) Possible values are /H or /V for a horizontal or vertical effect, respectively (for /Split and /Blinds).
/M (Motion) Specifies whether the effect is performed from the center out or the edges in. Possible values are /I for in and /O for out (for /Split and /Box).