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Tất cả các ký hiệu trong LaTeX

Tài liệu gồm hơn 5900 ký hiệu, biểu tượng trong LaTeX. Đây là một tài liệu cần thiết cho mọi người dùng LaTeX.

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                 | By Scott Pakin, [email protected] |
                 |                                      |
                 |           09 November 2009           |

The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List is an organized list of over 5900
symbols commonly available to LaTeX users.  Some of these symbols are
guaranteed to be available in every TeX distribution.  Others require
font files that come with some, but not all, TeX distributions.  The
rest require font files that must be downloaded explicitly from CTAN
( and installed.  The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol
List currently showcases symbols from 130 separate typefaces.

The same directory that contains this README file should also contain
SYMLIST (an ASCII list of symbols that appear in the symbols list) and
prebuilt versions of the symbol list for both A4 and U.S. Letter sized
paper.  If you'd like to build symbols.tex yourself (not recommended
for normal use), a Makefile is provided.  symbols.tex tries to be
smart about fonts; it omits tables of symbols that require (seemingly)
unavailable fonts.  The "Document Characteristics" table at the end of
the document lists the packages that were unavailable during the

The prebuilt versions of the symbol list use primarily Type 1 fonts.
Type 1 fonts are scalable and should look good at any resolution and
on any output device.  However, some of the fonts used by symbols.tex
are available only in a METAFONT-generated bitmap format.  The
prebuilt symbol lists utilize 1200 DPI versions of all of the
bitmapped fonts as 1200 DPI is a reasonably high printer resolution.
Unfortunately, older (pre-6.0) versions of Adobe Acrobat render
bitmapped fonts positively dreadfully on screen.  Nevertheless, all
versions of Acrobat manage to *print* bitmapped fonts with no trouble.